Excuses, Excuses

Oh hi there, happy Friday!

I am always happy it’s Friday, but less happy when Saturday has a very early wake up call…and a 13 mile run.

Remember that half-marathon I signed up for back in like…May? Well, it’s tomorrow. Like, tomorrow, tomorrow. And no I don’t feel prepared.

I think I’ve run a total of like, 5 times in 3-months. Yes, I ran ONE 11-miler and felt fine, so I know I’ll DO fine, but geez! Get it together woman.

I have many excuses though. Here there are:

I’ve been out of town for the past three consecutive weekends.

Late September we went camping. WHO camps in a TENT in Northern Lake Tahoe in September?


Murphy is wrapped in a luxurious and sassy leopard towel
(Click on the photo to enlarge)

These guys. (Yes, normally the weather isn’t 30 degrees at night, but this year…it was!)
While everyone else wore plush robes and ate bon-bons from their Winnebago kitchenettes, we double-layered ourselves in thermal, burrito-ed ourselves in subterranean sleeping bags and shouted “good night!” over the howling wind. Not sexy.

The following weekend we were in San Francisco for the most awesome co-bachelor/bachelorette party. IT was Great Gatsby themed and so fun! Forgot how expensive the city is though. Yikes. I decided that dressing up however is really a must nowadays. Everyone else just looked so ordinary. We drew crowds! (Not really. We had 11 people, so it just looked like it)


The girls!
(Click on the photo to enlarge)

THEN the next weekend we flew to San Diego and took part in one of the most fun weddings ever! Two very close friends Heather & Jeff married in a beautiful vineyard and I cried like a small child. Check out that sock bun! Compliments of yours truly 🙂


Bridal party, the ladies’ side
(Click on the photo to enlarge)


(Click on the photo to enlarge)

Ok so all of this is so fun but I need a break, right?

Yea, come home only to realize that “Oh neato, you’re 13.1 mile race is here and you haven’t run in 3 weeks.” Good thing you didn’t overeat or drink over the last 3 weekends, making you feel light as a feather. Drat.

Wish me luck! xo


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