Love does not anger easily

I’m writing this as I listen to my new favorite Pandora station “French Café.” It immediately takes you somewhere else.
I love it- in all its “I can’t understand a damn thing you’re saying” perfection.

It’s perfect background music to find some zen. My social calendar is busy and my weekends are disappearing…work is finally slowing down after a crazy event week but I need to catch up on sleep. I’m trying to focus on gratefulness and the art of just letting it be this week.

In other random news I’m a self-confessed reality TV show obsessee. Guilty!  One of the Real Housewives got married recently and they used the ol’ 1 Corinthians bible verse to describe their love for each other. I find this verse kind of cliché, but it works. It reminds us that love is a whole lotta things to a whole lotta people.

As a dog mom, which is at least mildly close to that of a human mom, whenever I hear the ever-popular bible verse “Love is Kind” I sit up a little taller because I know I can relate. Of course I can relate this to my loving boyfriend too…but for the sense of the “Life Off Leash” theme we’ll stick to Murphy. Let’s face it, Murphy always wins.


This verse tells us that not only does love not envy or boast but it also doesn’t anger easily (1 Cor 13:4-8)

…so does this mean that my anger is mildly justified? Like…it took me a while to get this angry and it’s 100% justified because of x, y, z…so is that some kind of carte blanche for the angry?

Murph, in all his glory, is the most stubborn, relentless, unyielding life form I’ve ever met! If he was a fungus he would be the kind that you just sort of get used to after awhile. “The walls are olive green anyways!”


He’ll jump on you out of pure joy and excitement and rip a hole in your pants. He’ll pull on the leash to chase a squirrel and practically drag you down with him.

He is also very persistent – with the charm of a sweet cuddly teddy bear.

Don’t feel like going on a walk? Too bad he’s not leaving.
Don’t feel like he needs yet another treat? Too bad he’s already left your office to go in search of someone who will give it to him. I don’t make this stuff up people!

And the most frustrating part is my reaction to it all. I literally said to him one day “I don’t like you right now.” But it never lasts long. Any kind of parent can relate.

Our love for the little furball drives us crazy.

Love is patient too…let’s not forget that one.


Paleo Pasta & a Half-marathon Update

OKfirst off- I realize that paleo foods and running do not go hand in hand. Believe me, I’m big on carb-loading for races and think that bread is just…well, genius…but for the sake of this blog- it’s a group effort.

I’m including a “pasta” (fasta?) recipe for anyone looking for a low-carb meal here and there. In our house we try to go low-carb when we can. I’ve blogged about paleo breakfast ideas and I only blog about stuff I recommend. Promise.

But first! An update on my half-marathon training for the Folsom Blues Breakout. So. I ran my first half in March of this year and was super stoked for the entire 10 weeks I trained. I really wish I could say the same for this time around, but to be honest, I’m just not feeling it. Frustrating because I can’t figure out why.

I think a big part is my crazy schedule. We try to keep our Saturdays for long runs, so last week was 8 miles. I have this thing with loops, laps and basically just going around in circles that drives me batty. We decided on doing 4 neighborhood laps and it was all kinds of crazy. This week we are slated for 9 miles but of course, I have my biggest (read: huge-a-mungo) work event of the year on Saturday. I’ll most definitely be clocking in 9 miles (at least!) on foot but as for running…hello back burner.

And it doens’t help that the next 4 weeks I’m either out of town or have fun things planned. Running your bootay off in the AM and then having things to do in the PM is not the recipe for a happy girl.

I recommend signing up for a half-marathon because the feeling of pushing yourself to do something that MOST people in this country (world!) cannot do is a pretty outstanding feeling. But I also recommend you convince yourself- “I’m going to devote every Friday night, Saturday AM and most likely Saturday night to you running shoes….shin splints…nana knees” and realize that it’s not child’s’ play my friends.

Ok so now for the food!

This recipe is pretty cool, I must say.

First off, take broccoli slaw and put it in a saucer with a little bit of water. The internet will tell you it takes about 5-8 minutes to steam the suckers so that they are soft and ‘pasta-like.’ Well that’s all fine and dandy…but if you’re in my kitchen it takes 15-20 minutes to get them soft enough. You’ve been forewarned.


On the side, saute onions, garlic, zucchini, turkey meatballs and sauce and get things cookin’! As a garnish I added fresh basil and tomato (from my very own GARDEN!!)

ImageMix it all together and you’re basically eating a bowl full of yummy, really filling, veggie comfort food. It looks kinda weird when all is said and done, but don’t let your eyeballs deceive you. Dig in!

Sunday from Scratch ~ Homemade Buffalo hummus

49er Football is upon us!

I suppose football season in general is upon us…but if you’re in Norcal, then well, you know.

I meant to post this earlier today before the 1pm opener game. I made this for our friends’ potluck party and it turned out great, but I was maxed out on time when I sliced my finger on the food processor and had a near death experience. Ok death is slightly dramatic, but man, blood is meant for inside the body. God knew what he was doing.

Mind you, the hummus was spared, as this was before the recipe even started. I was trying to get the blade situated on my brand new food processor and ended up slicing my thumb and pointer finger (on my RIGHT hand of COURSE). No need to check the blades! Sharp. Real sharp.

So of course I wrapped the lady fingers up in a towel and proceeded to make a big ol’ batch of buffalo hummus because I was determined…and frankly, cheap. I didn’t want to waste all the ingredients or run back to the store.



2 cans of garbanzo beans (1 can drained, 1 un-drained)

Blend it all together and add 2 TBS of tahini sauce.

Tahini sauce (vs paste) is basically hummus without the beans. The upside of course is convenience- it has lemon juice, salt and garlic already added.

Then add about 1/2 cup of buffalo wing sauce for a hummus with a kick. If you’re a baby (guilty as charged) then stick with a 1/4 cup.

Blend it all together and add olive oil if needed. Mine was too chunky so I added it as needed.

Serve with tortilla chips, pita bread and/or celery!
*Thank you for the awesome smoke graphics. Aye!


Sunday From Scratch ~ Blackhead face mask

Blackheads. That’s what’s up.

I never really paid much attention to the little buggers until a friend of mine started buying scrubs and washes in an effort to get rid of hers. I had fun with the Biore pore strips as a kid, but never considered it to be an issue.

Well you know how it goes. You see one, kill it and all of sudden 10 more come to it’s funeral. Or is that grey hairs? Who cares. Get rid of ’em.

I of course wanted to find a DIY mask in an effort to save some cash and see what if I could find something that wouldn’t harm my face. 

There are a bajillion DIY masks out there, but this was the easiest one I have seen. It’s literally baking soda and water. 



Mix the baking soda with a teensy bit of water to make a paste. You want it to look like Elmer’s glue from 2nd grade.

I think the point is to put it on your blackhead prone areas but I just did an all over.



Ok so what did I think?

Don’t keep it on too long… sucker burns! I definitely felt clean after I rinsed it off- and that all my pores were blasted open, so that’s good! Blackheads are basically dirt and grime that don’t get rinsed off your face and settle into your pores. It’s good to open them up (the best time is after a hot shower) and to keep your face clean. Are you washing at least twice a day and keeping your pillow case clean? Do it. Doctor’s orders.

Note: If you make too much of this paste (a little goes a loooong way) you can use it to clean your sink. Take a sponge and scrub that paste all over the inside of your sink or bathtub for a super white finish.

Is that bad that you can use a face mask to clean your sink? Let’s just go with “no”…