If Murphy Says So

Happy Middle-of-the-Week and Almost-Superbowl- Sunday!

Murphy is stoked.

party time 2

Pssh, Not.

However, this little pup IS!

Emily rocked a Smith jersey on Good Day Sacramento yesterday. She is very sweet, looking for a nice, warm lap to curl up in (despite her size!) and is currently available for adoption at the Sacramento SPCA

Murphy doesn’t get stoked about much. Outside of things that involve him and I being together. And I mean this in the least conceited way possible. I never thought being a dog parent could be so humbling.  No WONDER man claimed them as “Man’s Best Friend” back in the day. I picture the very first generation of two-legged-fools bumbling around on a quest for friends. The birds wouldn’t stay still, the cheetahs were too fast and the elephants wouldn’t sit in your lap. Dogs are perfect and if I could have ten…well, I wouldn’t… I honestly can’t imagine having even two.

People are shocked when they find out I only have one dog. Cut me some slack people! Being a dog mom is serious business. And humbling, as I previously mentioned. Ever tried to walk two dogs at once? It’ll turn you into a bumbling idiot so fast your head will spin. Tack on two leashes, two poop bags and a yuppy blonde on a cell phone and you’ve got yourself a walking circus act.

walking two

They look so sweet don’t they? Don’t let them fool you!

Side note: If I ever have the chance to voice my opinion about East Sacramento- we have GOT to install more garbage bins. I feel bad putting my dogs’ daily devotional in your garbage can. I feel even worse when you peek out the window and see me sneaking onto your property.  Fail.

But one day I’ll get it together! I already warned Walker than I want to two dogs, (two kids), two chickens and want to foster two kittens until they are (ready to be cats) and find their permanent homes. We only have two hands for a reason people.
This is how I envision me wearing the eventual Big Girl Pants. Big house, lots of love and plenty of room to keep the Murphster away from the kids…the chickens…the kittens…and well, the other dog.

I’ll have to get back to you on that one…


A Weekend SLO down

Today I am thankful for long weekends, great friends and the ability to exercise because as we all know, long weekend + great friends= a bonanza of non-stop eating.  I am also thankful for Martin Luther King Jr for being a person so very deserving of a holiday. It’s easy to forget what today means and well… we shouldn’t.

Our weekend began  on Friday, with a morning drive to drop off the Murphster at my parents house’ (poor guy couldn’t come with us to San Luis Obispo, aka SLO). Although it’s a total dog-friendly town, this weekend was about wine tasting, the beach and catching up with college roomies! Walker had never been to SLO, where I spent four of the best years EVER, so we seized the opportunity to show him around and also celebrate Heather’s birthday!

Side note: I must say, if you’ve never visited a college town, you should, but tread softly. I’m not sure if it’s because I called SLO my ‘college home’ for so long and it’s been five-years since I left…but MAN we felt ANCIENT! I wish I got more photos of the weekend but per the usual, I failed on the photo front. However, I had the readers in mind and tried to take a few!

We did a lot of this…



Attempted to soak up every inch of this…



Squeezed in a little of this…



…Not really sure what this is…

photo(6)     photo(5)


And got cutesy with this…


And though Murphy was missed, he had a great time snuggling with the Grandparents. If he ever complains about not having fun, I have witnesses to prove that he does, in fact, snuggle with people other than just me.

And finally, a weekend like this deserved a nice long run for today.  Key word ‘deserves’ because it kicked my butt the entire 7 miles, but  I suppose that’s the consequence of fun, fun, fun. I seriously feel like I managed to sweat out everything we ate and drank this weekend, so that’s a plus at least! Eight-weeks till the Shamrock13.1 – I’m over half-way there!

Monday Musings

Happy Monday! If you’re into that sort of thing.

Some thoughts from my very busy weekend!

 I HATE WINTER. Seriously. Sacramento is downright cold, and it doesn’t even compare to REAL cities like Boston or NYC.  And it doesn’t help that our house is also very cold. So you can imagine our surprise when our gas meter froze Saturday night and PG&E took their sweet time to come replace it- Leaving us planted on the couch and watching our breath through eye-peep-holes in the blankets.  Poor dogs clung to our sides to keep everyone warm, which is why they are the superior species. If you haven’t been invited over in awhile, this is why. We live in an igloo and unless you’re dressed for the arctic we are sparing you the torture.  *PS thanks to the roomie for taking one for the team and waiting this one out. I had bridesmaid duties that day and also couldn’t turn down the chance to crank the heat in my car. Yikes!

Weddings are really expensive

How do people afford them? That’s all I have to say about that…

Murphy is NOT a party-animal

Took him to a 49er themed birthday party thinking he would love to hang out with the other dogs and spend the day with everybody. WRONG. Between 4 dogs and 12 rowdy sports fans- this was a nightmare equation for my pampered little prince.  One, he doesn’t care for other dogs. He has accepted the fact that sweet-natured Sadiekins adores him, but he would prefer to have me all to myself. Typical Border Collie. And Two, men yelling, screaming and celebrating is like his own personal hell. You’d think he’d be EXCITED that the 49ers are going to the NFC Championships. No, instead he curled up on the couch in the most stand-off-ish little ball of fur you’ve ever seen. Tough crowd :/

My boys are so cute!

Half-marathon training is going SUPERBly! Nine weeks left and a lot of ground to cover. I promise to keep you updated. I’ve never come close to 13.1 so this is an adventure worthy of blogging about! We completed 6.5 miles along the river on Saturday and Murphy loved every minute of it. Especially the first mile- I have no idea how he manages to mark every blade of grass and still have back up?? Men.
Here is a snapshot of them pacing the last mile together.


I don’t like taking pictures so thank you LifeOffLeash for keeping me accountable to have something other than words in this bloggity-blog.

Have a good rest of the week. Three-day-weekend here we come!

Two Years

Just when I was starting to think I was a pretty awesome dog-mom, I realized I missed an anniversary. Two whole years with this little monster!


Being a dog-mom is a lot like being a human-mom (I assume) but without the boogers, temper tantrums and soccer practices. Instead, these little gems are replaced with eating too fast and projectile vomiting, tracking mud into the house and jumping and rebounding off of you, only to rip holes in your yoga pants, sweaters, tights, etc.

I will say however, Murphy has taught me a lot in these past two years. Though it feels like a lifetime, it’s only a snippet of our long love affair to come:

Great Expectations

I have this weird thing, where I get uncomfortable when people expect things from me. Like, you can want to do a million-and-one things for people, but as soon as it’s expected from you, you’re suddenly singing a different tune. You’re always available; you always enjoy this; you always say yes. It’s kind of a personal problem. But it’s my blog, so nana-nana-boo-boo.

Murphy however, doesn’t really care about this little inconvenience. He expects to ride shotgun in the car to work, multiple walks a day (because I’ve turned him into said monster) and to play ball (at work) every day.


It’s without question that I’ll go above and beyond- but every now and then I look down at him and think “What if I don’t feel like it!?” Insert rainy days, wanting to sleep in and trying to go to the gym instead of *gasp* go for a run.

This leads me to my next point:


I am an intensely predictable person. (In action however, not conversation). I’ve been called out for saying really random things which in my head are most definitely what everyone was thinking, I just beat them to it.

Murphy understands this all too well. Makeup= she’s leaving, so curl up in your bed and put on your most pathetic face. Shoes with laces= we’re going on a run! Despite if this is true or not, I’m going to jump as high as I can so she’ll see me! Plastic bag in hand= we’re going for a walk! There is absolutely no chance that she might be switching out the bathroom garbage! No way!

It can get frustrating at times, because as I previously mentioned, I’m expected to be some sort of robot. It’s like that joke “Who’s Walking Who?” Story of my life.

Unconditional Love

This one is pretty obvious, but it wouldn’t be fair to the Murph if I didn’t include it. Despite all his crazy tendencies he’s still the goofiest, most loyal, over-the-top-obsessed-with-me, OCD pup I’ve ever met or been blessed to love.

Happy two years Smerf, you make my heart go round.

Our first week together back in January 2011. He knows who loves him already!

Our first week together back in January 2011

Musings from Murphy

Oh hi…remember me? The girl who writes and leaves. I’m like, one of those dine & dashers, with no tip…who does that!?

2013 will be the year for blogging! Hoping so anyways. I miss writing, it’s ironic that I’m not more consistent with it.

Thought I’d help lighten things up with some Musings from Murphy, afterall he is the star of the show. He made a couple of New Year’s Resolutions that he’d like to share with help from yours truly:

1. Do what you love…more!

Do What you love

2. See the world


3. Don’t be afraid to get up close and personal


4. Be more productive at work


5. Visit my “Happy Place”


6. Reeeeelax


7. Don’t give away your Superman secret-identity… (oops)


8. When all else fails:
Keep Calm & Love Your Wubba


Wishing you and yours a happy jumpstart into the New Year!