Home is where the dog hair is

We are officially moved (yay!)
We are almost completely unpacked (hooray!)

And we have spent the seemingly endless and yet completely necessary, hours in Target, IKEA and everything in between. We have officially entered “nest mode” and the dogs couldn’t be happier.

Playdate! (2011)

Having two shelter dogs that were once homeless and came from God knows where, is an adventure. Just when you think you know them, they completely surprise you. Your knowledge of their past life is summed up into a one-liner:

Owner Surrender: Couldn’t afford pet” (Murphy) or worse…
Found: Foreclosed home” (Sadie).

So you take an already nutty personality and combine it with the fact that they were ABANDONED and what do you get? A week’s worth of sheer terror in the eyes of your four-legged furball as you pack things into boxes and make the walls close in.

Not that Murphy is ever out from under my feet…and he can run faster than me…and is undoubtedly smarter than me…therefore one-step-ahead of me… Just the sheer thought of either of them getting left behind is enough to churn your stomach.

“Here squirrely, squirrely, squirrely!”

They are so far loving the space, the yard (don’t mind the brown patches…we’re working on it people!) and are learning to co-exist. While Sadie thinks Murphy is the bees’ knees, Murphy is learning how to open his heart enough to love anything outside of me and his Wubba. He can’t help it that I feed him and the Wubba squeaks for him. We’ve already decided that it’s all he needs in life.

However, if you sneak a peek (when he doesn’t know you’re looking of course) you can catch him warming up to her cuddly nature. He already tolerates the fact that she is a pistol and will steal the ball right out from under him…but every so often she sneaks a nuzzle and every now and then he decides that it’s ok.

The Adventures of Murphy & Sadie… stay tuned!


A bowl, a leash and a girl

Hello Blogging World. I’ve missed you!

I apologize for my sudden drop-off. I’ve had a combination of blogging-content-drought AND I’m in the process of packing, moving and unpacking. It’s a bad combination; I don’t recommend.

Moving is the pits. Seriously. All this nonsense about ‘cleansing’ and ‘redecorating’ is a bunch of phooey- I’d rather have the moving fairies come and do it all. In my opinion, that’s what money is for. To pay fairies to do things for you  😀

However…the outcome of a move (in this instance) is an upgrade on life! A HOUSE vs a studio, and a BACKYARD with a DOG DOOR vs a “leash up your dog in the your PJs with your hair in a mess” to let him outside. HOORAY!

Packing got me thinking about how, despite it being terrible, it could be worse. I could have four kids and a lazy husband who all have their fair share of CRAP but are useless in helping. It’s amazing how much stuff we accumulate over time. I’m not a clutter person or a keeper/collector. But I have to admit, Home Girl has a LOT of stuff.

Murphy doesn’t come with much, but he still has his fair share of necessary items. Dog bed, toys, bowls, 40lb bag of food, etc. I looked at him and said “Strap on the donkey cart Murph, it’s time to move.” You should have seen the way he looked at me. I can just feel the judgment.

Why do you have all this crap blondie? Picture frames and candles and a dozen wine glasses? When was the last time you actually USED one?”

**Flashback to a night of packing when I had loaded all the “fine china” in a box, but decided it was time for a glass of vino to keep my spirits up. I may or may not have used a mug to sip from… And Murphy may or may not have decided he loved me all the same. Sheesh! Tough crowd.

But I digress…

Got me thinking. Murphy’s needs are so simple:

A bowl of food, a bowl for water, a leash, a Wubba and me. No crazy matching pillows, no memory box full of pictures. Nothing that keeps him distracted from what he desires most. I envy him a little bit.  And come to think of it…I suddenly feel the need to stop unpacking….throw everything out on the lawn…make up a quick sign saying:


…..Annnnd I’m kidding 🙂