5 in 4

FRIENDS! Boy do I have a new diet plan for you!!

What’s fast, free and easy to spell?
That’s right….

the F-L-U!!!


Just puke your guts out, swear you’ll never eat again, think you’re on the upswing only to find that your little bug has instead migrated south….if you know what I mean.

TMI much? I know, forgive me.

Although I will tell you that 5 lbs in 4 days is a pretty insane return on investment. Think about it…

In other news, I’m officially on the upswing, which is just in time  because I have a very celebratory weekend ahead of me. Friday night we’re celebrating the roomies’ bday with a “B- themed” bar crawl. I’ll of course be a Beauty Queen. What do you mean you didn’t guess that first? What else would I be? Hmmph.

On Saturday, two of my favorite people are celebrating their recent engagement. They also broke the news that they are moving to Washington DC in a matter of weeks (wahhhh) so this little party will be somewhat of a yay/nay partay. Wahhh is right.

In the world of Murphy, because let’s not forget the main man. He was bored out of his mind during our time napping and pity-partying at home. He makes a terrible nurse and insists on background music. Think squeaking Wubba …catch my drift?

And because I’m not quite sure how to end this…here are a few photos that make me SMILE 🙂

Murph and I at a work event representing the SPCA.


My new niece, BAILEY!

ImageMy latest artwork
Also known as drinking wine while at a Wieland family dinner.
6-year-olds might know coloring, but I know entertainment!





Hey, hey party people! Are there still readers out there? I heard someone whistle.

Murphy would like to remind you that it’s National Pet Day! On the heels of National Sibling Day which made me quasi-sad because I am sans siblings (explains a lot, I know)…now THIS is something I can celebrate! Go Murph. You party animal you.


So it’s been awhile, what have I been up to lately?

Last weekend I tagged along (YES I was invited) to watch the boyfriend and friend play disc golf out in the wild, wild west. We’re talking wide open spaces- and me with two dogs who immediately took off in different directions and I spent three-hours trying to herd cats wrangle them.  


They had a ball and I did not go into an anaphylactic shock, so it was an overall success. I can’t understand why the trees, grass and pollen are trying to kill me. Don’t they know my boyfriend works in environmental science!? Rude.

Murphy of course took every ounce of the 1 hour car ride to soak up my beautiful face. Gotta give it to the kid, he has good taste.


As for this weekend, the boyfriend has left me for a boys camping trip in the backwoods with limited cell reception. They are off to do boy-type things; I did not ask for details and probably won’t. This is unchartered territory for the lady-kind and I’d like to keep it that way. I made him promise that he wouldn’t “go off and find some hunny in the woods” and he promised he wouldn’t. He told me the fact that I have all of my teeth are really attractive to him. Such a sweetie.

In the world of fitness I’ve been doing anything that doesn’t involve running. Shamrock burnt me out and though I know I’ll get back into the love of running eventually, I’ve been enjoying other exercises. I’ve been dabbling with tennis, cardio-core home workouts (hidden cameras, eat your heart out) and a new (to me) thing called Heightened Yoga. Basically yoga meets Crossfit. It’s…interesting.

1. I don’t love yoga. But I like the idea of keeping things moving without falling asleep to “Sounds from the Far East.”

2.  The whole time you’re thinking, “hot damn, I probably look like a new born calf” and you kind of do.
You’re leg(s) are strapped in and you’re balancing with every ounce of muscle, most of which you didn’t realize you have. But people are supportive and no one is looking at you. Take your eyes off focus and you’re flat on your face. 

Let’s just say everyone else looks like this….



And whole time I’m thinking this…


Ya feel me?