Fun Facts Friday

There’s just something about Fridays that make people so darn happy. Is it the anticipation for 2 days off work? I sometimes look forward to the anticipation more than the actual reward. Funny, no?

*I’ll tell you in advance I have no idea where this blog post is headed. I just felt this sense of urgency to update you on my day.

> Walker and I are headed to Tahoe for a co-bachelor/bachelorette party! The couple is good friends of his and new friends of mine. It’ll be my first one and I’m curious to see how this all pans out. I’ve been to a handful of bachelorette parties, and I must say I’m looking forward to a cabin full of fun people who aren’t interested in strippers and penis whistles. Just hand me a mimosa on arrival and lead me to where the Scrabble is set up. Love me some cabin fever. Bring. It. #NanaInTraining

> On the heels of me curled up in sweats and badgering people into playing board games with me (clearly you’re excited to travel with me someday. I don’t blame you!) … I also have to play along with this being a themed party. Saturday night is a Mad Men theme which means that because I work in an animal shelter and wear jeans and kicks to work, I must resort to my secretary/librarian stash of clothing from the waaaay back of the closet.

If you hear of a random blonde wandering the streets of Tahoe, asking for people’s warm clothes and dressed like she just stepped out of a time machine, don’t panic. The meds will kick in. Her boyfriend is somewhere nearby.


> Remember how I told you Murphy hates weekends? Welp, this would be why. “She’s leaving agaaaain!?”
Poor Smerf has to spend the weekend at the big, bad, terrible grandparents house where he gets twice the lovin’ and off-leash walks by the river. Boo hoo. Poor guy can’t help how much he loves me (you would too, just try it!)

> In other random news, Murphy has an outie belly button. And YES dogs have belly buttons! Roomie and I weren’t quite sure, but according to Google (Greek for “everything we say is absolutely 100% fact”) they are born with umbilical cords and therefore have scars. Murphy would appreciate you don’t ask for a photo, he is a classy gentleman after all.

oh murph

err…moving on


> Have a wonderful weekend and let’s try to spread the love a little, shall we?



Shamrock’n Recap

You know those comics where they ask you how you’re feeling? Do they have one for SORE?

The days following your first half-marathon are a blur. Luckily I thought ahead and took Monday off work so I could literally sit on the couch all day and relive the race- through the pain my body was punishing me with.images

Totally 100% worth every ounce of pain because it was totally, 100% the coolest thing I’ve ever done.

I won’t bore you with the details but since I have blogged about training for this race I figured I should recap a little bit:

I was swimming with emotions at Sunday’s Shamrock’n Half-Marathon.  I’ve always been a “jogger” but once I crossed that finish line and knew I beat my time, I burst into tears and knew I was officially a “runner.”

Cheesy? Yep. Agreed.

But cheese is what’s on the menu so let’s just go run with it. Eh, eh!

Training for this was all kinds of crazy. Lots of running and trying to limit the crap food intake was good for me, especially since it kept me from worrying about vanity and staying in shape. It was just a natural product of pushing your limit.

I was aiming for a 9 min/mile over the course of 13.1. We were booking it the entire time and stayed ahead of the pace group. I ended up keeping up with Walker until about mile 9 (his 6’4” frame and neon yellow shirt were like a beacon in a sea of people). My hips started acting up and I was getting shooting pains up and down my legs so I had to pull over, stretch and slow it down just a bit. Ended up clocking a 1:58:30 at an average 8:43/mile pace. I was SHOCKED. Seriously. Sub 2-hours?? Say whaaat?


Shield your eyes!

My roomie volunteered to hand out water along the course! Such a fun way to pass mile 11!

My roomie volunteered to hand out water along the course! Such a fun way to pass mile 11!

I’m sort of shocked that after all that training I’m in so much post-run pain BUT considering I pushed myself, I suppose it’s not a surprise.

The downside of Sunday was I had to miss out on the service my family held in Tahoe. They spread Logan’s ashes and said goodbye. I rocked his “Forever in our Hearts” bracelet and honored him with my running bib, but he was on my mind most of the time. Grief is a strange little bugger. Seems to settle in and get comfortable as soon as you open up space for it. The finish line was also home plate at the Rivercats Stadium. Logan loved baseball more than anything. Seemed really fitting wouldn’t you say? I thought so too…


And because this blog is supposed to be about Murphy…I have to add that he was very unhappy to have missed out on such an epic day. He is now punishing me by pulling hard on his leash, forcing me to walk faster than my current 95 year-old nana pace. We’re learning to compromise.

running buddies

You know you’re a dog parent when…

A friend (and reader) commented recently, on my last blog post, that it didn’t have anything to do with my dog.

“It’s a dog blog right?”

Sheepishly I said “yes” and came up with an excuse about “mixing it up” and “trying something new” and then realized you know what? It IS all about my dog.

The people have spoken. And they want Murphy.

And it made me start thinking… You know you’re a good dog parent when:

– You buy food items that only he/she eats. Such as cottage cheese. While I consider the stuff disgustingly reminiscent of bodily fluids, Murphy refuses to eat dinner without a dollop in his kibble.

– You buy the loudest, most annoying squeak toy because you know they’ll love it. Despite the costs over time adding up, and despite the fact that they say “indestructible” …while he continues to destroy them (very loose term by the way), you continue to buy them. That, or squeak them so loud/often that you are forced into the next room in order to talk on the phone.

– People comment “Aw you’re dog is so cute!” And you reply with “Thanks! I think so too! ” 🙂 With that big, dopey grin on your face. We thank them because we actually contributed to making them so cute? Sure….whatever helps you sleep at night.

– You take them for a walk despite it being 100 degrees, 30 degrees, raining, hailing, or you’re half asleep and in your PJs and the glasses you’ve had since high school.

– You turn down offers for all day events, over-nighters or pretty much anything that extends past the eight-hour mark unless you can bring your dog with you. Us dog folk are an interesting breed, which is why I find myself being more and more drawn to friends that also have little four-legged munchkins.

Reason #75 why having a dog is proof that you are both a crazy person and also en route to becoming a great parent one day.

*Side note: I’ll have it noted that YES the above photo was taken in a professional photography session. HOWEVER, I didn’t purchase and/or reserve the photo shoot for my dog, it just happened to be photo day at the shelter I work at…and Murphy is a very charming boy who found his way in front of the lens 🙂