Jenner by the Sea

Disclaimer: It helps if you sing the title of this post, in your best lounge-lizard voice. Think “Jennnnner byyyy the Seeaaaaa”.

See? Totally helps.

You can’t visit this amazing little alcove and NOT have the best time ever. Seriously.  We stayed in the Wieland Family house in the town of Jenner, right outside of Bodega Bay. It’s relaxing, out of cell phone range, packed with homemade meals and the perfect place to spend 2 hours playing Gin Rummy.

It’s also the Ultimate Dog Weekend, so when you’re hell-bent on being the best dog parent ever (wink wink), it’s a pretty awesome 2 days away.

And the best part? We managed to get some sunshine AND exercise in! I didn’t get my 10 mile run in, because, well…. There is this thing that happens to me when I enter a different zip code. Its like, all inhibition and self-control go out the window. (Does this happen to anyone else!?) So there might have been a few adult beverages and an endless supply of homemade cookies and Doritos (whimper)…leaving me fat and happy, but in no shape to hit the pavement.

However! We did walk/explore many miles with the pups off leash. The view was amazing and the company was even better! We didn’t capture a group shot – but there were 5 of us and 3 dogs.


We aren’t the rule-following type so if that’s a problem you might want to keep scrolling down…


Jenner beach2


I’ve said this before, but Jenner is Murphy’s HAPPY PLACE. (As long as he can see me) this whole running off-leash with the breeze whipping in his face thing is the cat’s meow. For reals. And I really try to not be an overbearing dog mom. He’s a boy, super sure-footed and without fear but GEEZ I swear I can never have sons for fear of going into cardiac arrest at a very young age. AH. Kids.


Photo compliments of Rick Randall


Dog Mom Extraordinaire

Dog folk- when you make plans to meet up with someone, say for a Saturday walk, and decide to bring your dog, do you get EXCITED when they get to meet said dog? And I mean like, MEET him. Like hang out, have a chat, seen how funny he is?

My friend Carly and I planned a midtown walk on Saturday (hours after my 9 mile run which I’ll recap in a bit) and she got to meet the Murphster!


Like he needs a name tag!

I already know I’m a weirdo for saying “thank you” when people comment on how cute he is, but when you make plans with a friend and literally use the expression “Oh you’re going to love him!” does that cross boundaries? Visions of “Jeh-ree…you have to see the baybeeee!” come to mind.

So let’s talk training for a minute… I was telling all my FB friends (they’re real!) that running 9 miles isn’t so much the hard part. It’s the ‘trying not to act like a zombie all day’ that is tough. PLUS on such a big weekend- (Next year Niners!) I was pooped…all…weekend. Although I must say, the run went great! I was feeling pretty smooth until we stumbled onto the course and merged with runners in the JED Smith Ultra 50miler (ummm what!?) and felt slightly less cool, and yet, more sane? I just can’t imagine.

I’ve heard training can get addictive and I totally get it. Running for vanity is like “eh, I’ve got a boyfriend. He loves me. Pass the dip.” But when you’re $60+ dollars invested and you (ahem, blog about it) and people are asking how it’s going….you take on a new kind of responsibility. And even though this responsibility requires me to eat bananas (dislike. Takes me at least a half-hour to eat, unless of course it’s smoothie-erized) and carrots (No wonder they spend their whole lives under ground; Could they BE any more boring!?)


I’m realizing that food is fuel you fool. Get. It Together.