20th Annual Doggy Dash!

Hi friends!

I was given the opportunity to write a guest post for WagWorkWine.com about the Sacramento SPCA Doggy Dash! It’s a local, fun, female focused, dog-friendly blogosphere…what’s not to love?!

It was a little tricky, writing from my ‘voice’ while also using this as a promotional piece for work. Part of my job at the shelter is to help coordinate the annual Doggy Dash, coming up on June 8. If you live in Sacramento AND you have a dog you just have to be there!


Raise your hand if you’re a dog parent and the phrase, “Can I bring my dog?” is used so often you’re almost embarrassed to admit it?

Never fear! Doggy Dash is here!

The largest, dog-friendly event of its kind is giving all of us dog-moms a chance to relax. Spend a Saturday with your friends AND your dog, without the guilt of being that girl or even worse, deciding not to go because you’d rather hang out with your pup. (It’s ok. We’ve all been there.)

Your dog called and wants to WALK. STAY. PLAY.
at the 20th Annual Doggy Dash!



You have to walk your dog anyway, why not do it to help raise money for homeless animals? It’s pretty tough to say “no” to a morning stroll around William Land Park. Sign up for the $25 registration fee, rock your Doggy Dash T-shirt and be a part of a massive movement to end pet over-population in our community.

Thumbs Up: You get exercise (2k or 5k walk) and get to show off how well behaved and *cough* cute your dog is compared to everyone else’s.

Paws Up: For a friendly, adventure-loving dog, this event is totally up their alley. The walk is just enough exercise to feel the burn, but neither of you will be too tired for the fun afterwards! And yes, there are plenty of water bowl stations and dog pools around the course.


Now that the hard part is over, you get to hang out for FREE! That’s right. FREE. We love this word.

The walk ends at the start of the festival, so you’re set. Stroll around the vendor village and meet with 150+ vendors that are there for one thing only: Your dog!

Thumbs Up: There’s shopping too!? Best. Festival. Ever. Where else would you buy your dog his umpteenth new, handcrafted collar? (Because as we all know, collars are seasonal after all.) And ladies…Target is coming! Like…TARGET, Target. And *fingers crossed* the cute little dog they call “Bullseye.” This is history making people! Your future children will appreciate this story one day I promise. Don’t feel like shopping? *gasp* There will be food trucks, music and shade for you to relax and gossip catch up with friends.

Paws Up: SO MANY DOGS TO MEET!!! Pups love walking the festival with their people because there are countless goodies waiting for them around every corner. Dog bakeries, dog stores, dog crafts, you name it. And if your pup is too pooped from the walk, find a spot in the grass to people watch.


Ok so we’ve walked, eaten, shopped…now what?

Play time of course! The best part of the Doggy Dash is signing your dog up for a contest that only your dog would let you get away with. Best kiss? Best costume? (And pug-lovers, don’t you dare miss the Pug Races!)

Thumbs Up: For $5 you can enter your dog and cheer him into first place! Plus, every dollar raised goes back to the shelter which is awesome, because $5 for sheer embarrassment enjoyment is pretty much an awesome return on investment. And if your dog isn’t too keen on winning gold, there are agility groups coming to show off the best of the best. Your pup won’t mind, he’ll enjoy sitting in your lap while you watch.

Paws Up: Most dogs love attention, so the roaring of the crowd will only give them the boost of confidence they need to win! And hey, if your dog is more of the “I’m here for the food” kind of festival-goer, that’s OK too. (We know how you feel.)

You tell him that you’re proud he made it out to Doggy Dash; that he helped raise money and awareness for shelter animals that couldn’t be there; and that he lapped everyone who sat on the couch that day and missed out on the fun.

See YOU at the Doggy Dash!

June 8
William Land Park
Park at the Sacramento City College and walk across the street to the walk and festival,
Located at the corner of Sutterville Road and Freeport Blvd
$25 to register before June 3 ($30 between June 3 and June 8)
Includes a Doggy Dash T-shirt for you or your dog.



Heart beats, high-heels and rednecks

How’s that for a title?

Guys, I’m kinda bummed out.

You know how Murphy does a lot of this…


And this…


And basically anything that allows him to run around off-leash…”young and wild a free“?

Well, he’s been having a little issue with exercise lately.
*Which, side note, is really uncanny because so am I. Between the two of us we are two un-exercising, lazy, lazy bums.

Although it’s not his fault. He still wants to run at full speed and feel the burn, but after running his little heart out for even just a few minutes, he takes on the stumbling of a drunkard and loses his balance. It’s happening more and more, so I’ve stopped exercising him all together. Turns out he has an abnormally slow heart beat and may one day require some heart tests. Before shelling out the $500- $1000 I’m going to keep him on exercise restriction and try to increase his walks instead. For now he seems OK- I just have to figure out what his eight-year-old little body can handle.

But GEEZ Murph. What’s with the slow heart beat?

I know that I’m like…kind of the center of your universe…but you have to LIVE man. You have to keep going when I leave the room!

Things have been random lately. As you can see read.

Walker’s been dabbling with a little of this…


My question is…Walk a Mile in WHO’s Shoes? Who wears a size 14 in heels! I want to meet him her!

[Really cool event though, benefiting WEAVE].
And I, meanwhile, find myself so proud…


ImageMeanwhile…the city of Sacramento has officially taken a turn for the worst. We’ve been voted #8 in the Top 10 Most Redneck Cities. The Forbes study is based on gun/ammo stores, Walmart locations, Nascar tracks and poor HS graduation numbers. HOW IS THIS OK PEOPLE!? And how is two of the seven cities I’ve lived in on the list!?

Oh well….it could be worse. At least we’re not earthworms!