Thoughts from the Cave

Do you think the Paleolithic Cavemen trick-or-treated? You know, for like…buffalo jerky and elk fur? OF COURSE they didn’t struggle with temptations from the tiny “fun” sized candy sitting in the bowl. Fun? Really? Try funder-sized.

Ok I’m done whining.

The dogs handled their first trick-or-treating experience like the true champs they are. Whined, barked and attempted to frighten tiny little kids in their tiny little costumes. We ended up barricading them with a baby gate and even had to position a chair to make the Murphster really work for it. I was kind of hoping for an episode of “How High Can Murphy Jump?” contest but got distracted by the kiddos.

In other news, we wrapped up our second week of Paleo-Palooza and are entering the Cabo Countdown!

An update:

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Groundhogs’ Day in our cave…house…whatever. Yes. We’re seeing results and are less hangry (so hungry you’re angry), irritable and tired. However, eating Paleo is a combination of amusement and boredom. How is this possible you ask? You have to come up with interesting ways to make your taste buds CARE about never-ending meat and vegetable dishes so that you don’t starve (Darwinism and caveman-ism go hand in hand here). This of course includes splurges such as red wine and dark chocolate. Gotta stay realistic people!

PS I’d like to see a real, legit caveman try to tackle a spaghetti squash. Stab, microwave, cut in half, scoop out the innards, re-microwave and then proceed to shred the thing with a fork. A fork. We’re talking serious business here. They didn’t even have forks…or perhaps, dinglehoppers?

The dogs are still entirely TOO interested in what we cook and have come to the conclusion that the new trash can (thanks mom!) is still un-tip-able and isn’t going anywhere…much to their dismay. They are at least enjoying all of the wonderful meaty-smells that waft through the kitchen. And I’m convinced that in Sadie’s past life she was a circus dog. You should see her song and dance routine as you prep her food bowl, hilarious! Probably because she thinks maybe this one time she’ll get something other than kibble. Bummer.

**Sorry for the lack of photos this week. I’m handing the camera duties over to the boyfriend for Cabo as I clearly lack the knack outside of the iPhone camera. I’ll try to post once more before I leave and enter no-mans-land for healthy, Paleo eating. Word on the street is there is a 24 hour nacho bar at the resort.

Oh Em Gee.