Sunday From Scratch ~ Blackhead face mask

Blackheads. That’s what’s up.

I never really paid much attention to the little buggers until a friend of mine started buying scrubs and washes in an effort to get rid of hers. I had fun with the Biore pore strips as a kid, but never considered it to be an issue.

Well you know how it goes. You see one, kill it and all of sudden 10 more come to it’s funeral. Or is that grey hairs? Who cares. Get rid of ’em.

I of course wanted to find a DIY mask in an effort to save some cash and see what if I could find something that wouldn’t harm my face. 

There are a bajillion DIY masks out there, but this was the easiest one I have seen. It’s literally baking soda and water. 



Mix the baking soda with a teensy bit of water to make a paste. You want it to look like Elmer’s glue from 2nd grade.

I think the point is to put it on your blackhead prone areas but I just did an all over.



Ok so what did I think?

Don’t keep it on too long… sucker burns! I definitely felt clean after I rinsed it off- and that all my pores were blasted open, so that’s good! Blackheads are basically dirt and grime that don’t get rinsed off your face and settle into your pores. It’s good to open them up (the best time is after a hot shower) and to keep your face clean. Are you washing at least twice a day and keeping your pillow case clean? Do it. Doctor’s orders.

Note: If you make too much of this paste (a little goes a loooong way) you can use it to clean your sink. Take a sponge and scrub that paste all over the inside of your sink or bathtub for a super white finish.

Is that bad that you can use a face mask to clean your sink? Let’s just go with “no”…