“Sunday From Scratch” ~ A little spritz

Do you ever feel like your bed needs a little spritz?

I have weird sheet wang.

I’m sure it’s all in my head, but I seriously sleep better knowing that my sheets and especially pillow case, are clean and free of sleepiness.

I wash my sheets once a week, but did you know that you should really be switching out your pillow case at least twice a week? Not only is it one big sponge for facial oil but it’s basically a breeding ground for acne. If you have blemishes, I highly recommend switching out the pillow case every other day. Experience the magic!

So I found a “recipe” for this spray and it was so easy to make, I couldn’t help but share! It’s basically a 3oz spray bottle full of water, with abut 6 drops of tea tree oil added. (Any essential oil will do). Tea tree oil is of course nice because of its natural blemish/acne fighting power.


I spritz my pillow before bed and also did my makeup brushes after washing them recently. (Another tip I highly recommend!)

Happy spritzing!

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2 thoughts on ““Sunday From Scratch” ~ A little spritz

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