A Celebratory Weekend Ahead

Happy Thursday!

Do you do the #ThrowbackThursday thing? I don’t either.

Moving on. I’m heading into a crazy, busy weekend which means a couple of things:

– I won’t be blogging my normal “Sunday From Scratch” post unless I find a bottle of 5-hour energy that lasts for 4 days. 

– And I’ll hopefully have a fun recap post with pictures for next week!

Walker and I are headed to Vegas to elope for our friend Rick’s 30th birthday! I checked the flight status for our 8:40PM departure (tonight) annnnnd it’s delayed. What? How do they already know this!? We won’t get in until about 11:20PM which is practically dinner time in Vegas, but oh well. The only reason I realllly care is because I’m only in Vegas until Saturday AM. 

Did you know they have flights at 8:30AM on Saturdays? I didn’t either. I think I’ll most likely be the only one on the plane. This is great news considering I’ll probably be sleeping in the aisle and asking the flight attendant to rub my back.



I’m heading back early on Saturday for my friend Jenn’s wedding shower partay! It’s at 3PM which means I’ll have time to nap and get my life together. It’s a tea party/Kentucky derby theme which is awesome. AND she now lives in DC so I never get to see her. But I’m in her wedding in November so we have fun things lined up from now until then 🙂


And guess what kids!? The celebration keeps going. I have another wedding shower on Sunday. A brunch type shower for Heather, who I’ve known since high school but became besties in college. I’m in her wedding in October, she lives in San Diego. Fun filled times ahead with her too! 


And then after that, I head to Chelsey’s baby shower! I have known Chelsey since 8th grade and was in her wedding as well! (I know you’re already singing “Always a bridesmaaaiiiid“)


You might think I’m tired already but you are wrong. All the gifts and outfits are lined up and ready to go! 

I love celebrating all the stages in people’s lives. Who doesn’t like birthdays and weddings and showers and fun? Crazy people. That’s who.

See you guys next week!





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