“Sunday From Scratch” ~ For the Hair

Sunday! Again!

Why are they so sneaky?

I dedicate this post to the days where washing your hair is just, not going to happen. Sometimes you don’t have time to lather, blow dry, product-ify, straighten, etc. And sometimes, you just don’t want to. They say it’s really not that good to do it everyday, so let’s listen them! I heart “them.” (Who are they?) It gives us the idea that perhaps we are doing what we are told. Gold star.

I try to limit washing my hair every other day, which of course takes planning with working out and going out, so it’s an ever changing balance. Here is something I found and thought sounded like a genius idea. It’s WAY cheaper than buying dry shampoo at the store, and it’s better (in my opinion) than sprinkling baby powder on my head. The dandruff look is on it’s way out I hear.

Here’s the recipe:

1/4 c cornstarch
1/4 c baking soda
1/4 c essential oil (I used tea tree oil but have also heard that lavender/rose oils are nice)
Some kind of fancy jar with a ribbon helps, but anything air-tight will do. Don’t forget a powder brush!


take the brush and pat your roots. That’s where the oil comes from and that’s what we’ve come to get rid of! Make sure you brush afterward, as you don’t want your scalp flaky and white.

*Also, if you have really dark hair, I recommend tweaking this a bit. I’ve read that you can add cocoa powder, but I haven’t tried it.

This recipe was kindly borrowed from the blog: “Small Home Big Start

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