7 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know…

– I am enrolled in a boot camp! Roomie and I bought a 4 week unlimited pass on LivingSocial.com and it’s awesome! They really should call it Booty Camp because, um, ouch.

These photos do not seem to display my most excellent, athletic ability. Shame.



That’s me on the left!

– I am extremely habitual. I have a co-worker who always takes her lunch from 2:00- 3:00. After the umpteenth time of seeing her in the break room as I go to wash my apple I realized, I’m one heck of a routine apple eater. It would be embarrassing if she actually interacted with me, but instead it’s just so funny!

– I was a childhood model, age 10- 14. Mind you, I HATED it because it made me different in the eyes of my friends and I had to miss out on fun stuff like school and birthday parties. Yes, I actually liked school! But I made quite a bit of money and learned a lot. Glad I quit it when I did; otherwise I’d be anorexic without the wonderful life I have now!
So I really wanted to show you pictures, but I have a problem. No it’s not embarrassment. I keep all of my photos in a box in the garage. Well you see… a black widow has decided to take up residence in said box. I named her Hillde. And if someone can kill-de Miss Hillde (ASAP) I’ll be happy to share!

– I’ve always hated milk. And olives. And yes, any olive. They serve no purpose and I just…can’t. I can’t.

– I had a concussion when I was 11. I was living in South Florida and my best friend at the time dared me to jump into a swinging hammock. It was positioned over a ceramic tile patio and it flipped me onto the ground. I don’t remember much, but apparently I got a concussion and had a 4” basal skull fracture, bled out my ear for a week and spent 5 days in the hospital (a couple of them in ICU). But I SURVIVED! This was very scary for my parents, and the doctors said I was lucky I didn’t turn into a potato vegetable. I remember two things: Super Mario Bros and green jello. Word.

– I can’t help but think that band-aids are slightly racist. They just are.

– Murphy HATES having his photo taken. He usually looks like this…


Modest Murph

So I had to get crafty.


What are some things I don’t know about YOU!?


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