Time for Change


I’m think I’m ready. No, I know I’m ready to get up off my butt and stop complaining about blogging angst and just get this show on the road. My recent trip to Florida made me realize how much I enjoy writing and thus, miss writing. I worry that I may have pigeon-holed myself by giving the Murphy the starring role to this blog. Has he taken his protagonist role a little too literally? 

“Where ya been? Why haven’t you been blogging?”

“Ohh, you know, my dog hasn’t done anything interesting lately.”

WHAT!?  How is this an OK excuse??

Ok. Blogging angst is a real thing. Check. How about we revamp the whole blog and talk about normal, people, things with hints of dog hair thrown in? We agree? 


My friend Carly is awesome at consistent blogging. It helps that she’s funny and enjoys taking photos. She inspires me all the time to just write something. Anything. Like how I’m doing write now…aren’t we having FUN!?

In all seriousness though. I have non-Murphy related things to discuss. I haven’t actually broke the news to him that I’d like to refocus some things, but I have a feeling we’ll work something out. After all, how will you get to know the girl behind the dog if she doesn’t share a little more about Life Off Leash every now and then?


I bet you didn’t know that I’m slowly turning hippie, am contemplating a vegan experiment (due to genetically high cholesterol) and am training for another half-marathon in October. 

See? All fun things! Stay tuned. 


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