Thoughts on Heaven






Hi friends 🙂

It’s been the usual forever since I’ve blogged and unfortunately, this will be short and sweet. Tomorrow morning (at precisely o’ dark hundred) my parents and I are headed to my hometown in Florida to celebrate the life of the face you see above. This sweet little boy was the kind of family the government may not recognize, but God sure does. The kind of family you make for yourself. He died last summer at the age of 16 and together with his family and ours we’re going to be reminded that heaven isn’t as far away as we think it is. Have a safe and happy 4th ❤

Heaven to me, seems like a cozy train.People boarding
Doors open
         Doors close.
Constant hum of togetherness and safety.

When you left, you left a space.
You made heaven, to me, seem very real.

This train, does is move very slow?
Life here is loud and chaotic.
Heaven to me, seems quiet.
Is it very quiet?

We get used to faces coming and going.
Goodbyes speed up;
           Hellos slow down.
Heaven to me, sounds like a warm embrace.

You scared me when you left.
Your absence makes heaven, to me, seem unfair.

You’re too young to be there by yourself.
And too sweet to sit there all alone.

For all the faces in the world,
And for all the seats on that train…
          Who said it was ok to reserve one in your name?

~ Juju


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