Checking In

Helllooo out there!

I got a really nice comment from a stranger-turned-new-blog-friend and it made me realize it’s been a heck of a while since I’ve posted!

I’ve had blogger angst lately. Feeling like I want to revamp everything and write about food and fitness and organic living and finding a use for cute mason jars. But then I think, won’t that be hard to keep up?

“It’s never too late to be the person you want to be.” Someone smart said this. I don’t know them, but I imagine they are old and full of ideas, without the strength and energy to do any of them.
I am working on it. I’m going to save this for another post. Stay tuned!

And let’s be honest… in the blogging world. It’s all visual. And taking pictures is really taxing for me. Mentally of course, not physically. The blonde roots don’t run that deep.
And while I’ve been experimenting on a more green/organic lifestyle- it doesn’t really tie into a blog about your four-legged pup, now does it? He’s eyeballing me even as I write this! Alright, alright…moving on…

Doggy Dash. Is. Over! Craziest event ever and proof that people who do event management are of a different breed. We set up all day Friday, arrive at 4:30am on Saturday, run that puppy (no pun intended) like a well-oiled machine and then tear it all down, until every last table is collapsed and every bit of garbage is picked up. My friends and boyfriend made it out to the event and despite the fact that it reached 108 degrees that day; “No air” air…we made it through. AND made over $200,000 for the pups and kittens and chickens and buns at the Sacramento SPCA! Yes. Sir.


Photo compliments of Patrick Storm Photography

And this guy… no, he does not attend the Dash. Image*Look how scrappy he used to be! Taken in Jan 2011 when I first got him. Poor nutrition and a flea infestation made him scratch all his lil’ hairs out. A face only a mama could love 🙂

Murphy hates the Doggy Dash. It makes me a very busy lady at work and not up for walks and play time. Plus…it’s 5,000 people with their 2,000+ stinky, butt-sniffing dogs. That’s like his own personal hell. He could have come with Walker but we talked about it and both decided the AC at home was a better option. Him and his little slow beating heart waited patiently for mother to come home.

Speaking of Murphy and his itty-bitty heart. Ok, ok I dont think his heart is actually any smaller, it’s just slower, that’s all. I opted out against the $1000+ vet visit and decided to instead monitor him and go from there. So far, things are really good. He is still able to go on walks and even run on cool nights. Yes Sacramento has temperatures other than 108 in June. They just don’t choose to grace us with their presence on days where you have 10 hours of manual labor to do.
And he seems to be doing well. I just avoid him getting over-heated on hot days. So far so good. Thanks for your well wishes to the little guy!

And yes I mentioned I’ve picked up running again. Finally. It took awhile! I needed a break, and even though it’s been tough as molasses to get up and go, it’ll be good for me. Walker and I signed up for the Folsom Blues Breakout for October 19! Another 13.1 in the same year? Who is this girl?!  Too bad I have three weekends in a row of out-of-town fun-ness leading up to the run; including camping, a bachelorette party and a wedding. Oopsie.
My goal will be less than 1:58:30 but we’ll have to see!

ImageWell that’s it for now. How is June half over? Christmas is almost here people!

xo, Juj


One thought on “Checking In

  1. I’m glad to hear you’ll possibly be hanging out around the blog world a bit more ;). So excited for you with your next half! Yes, I think you’re completely crazy, but in a good way. Miss you, lovely. XOXO.

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