Heart beats, high-heels and rednecks

How’s that for a title?

Guys, I’m kinda bummed out.

You know how Murphy does a lot of this…


And this…


And basically anything that allows him to run around off-leash…”young and wild a free“?

Well, he’s been having a little issue with exercise lately.
*Which, side note, is really uncanny because so am I. Between the two of us we are two un-exercising, lazy, lazy bums.

Although it’s not his fault. He still wants to run at full speed and feel the burn, but after running his little heart out for even just a few minutes, he takes on the stumbling of a drunkard and loses his balance. It’s happening more and more, so I’ve stopped exercising him all together. Turns out he has an abnormally slow heart beat and may one day require some heart tests. Before shelling out the $500- $1000 I’m going to keep him on exercise restriction and try to increase his walks instead. For now he seems OK- I just have to figure out what his eight-year-old little body can handle.

But GEEZ Murph. What’s with the slow heart beat?

I know that I’m like…kind of the center of your universe…but you have to LIVE man. You have to keep going when I leave the room!

Things have been random lately. As you can see read.

Walker’s been dabbling with a little of this…


My question is…Walk a Mile in WHO’s Shoes? Who wears a size 14 in heels! I want to meet him her!

[Really cool event though, benefiting WEAVE].
And I, meanwhile, find myself so proud…


ImageMeanwhile…the city of Sacramento has officially taken a turn for the worst. We’ve been voted #8 in the Top 10 Most Redneck Cities. The Forbes study is based on gun/ammo stores, Walmart locations, Nascar tracks and poor HS graduation numbers. HOW IS THIS OK PEOPLE!? And how is two of the seven cities I’ve lived in on the list!?

Oh well….it could be worse. At least we’re not earthworms!



5 thoughts on “Heart beats, high-heels and rednecks

  1. And it was his idea! I think they chose silver heels because they match their sparkling personalities 😉 You’ll have to come with me next year. We’ll get Jake in on it!

  2. Sorry to hear about Murphy’s heart! It’s the worst feeling when something is wrong with your pup. I hope it works itself out. Oh, and love the heels on the guys, so much fun! 🙂

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