5 in 4

FRIENDS! Boy do I have a new diet plan for you!!

What’s fast, free and easy to spell?
That’s right….

the F-L-U!!!


Just puke your guts out, swear you’ll never eat again, think you’re on the upswing only to find that your little bug has instead migrated south….if you know what I mean.

TMI much? I know, forgive me.

Although I will tell you that 5 lbs in 4 days is a pretty insane return on investment. Think about it…

In other news, I’m officially on the upswing, which is just in time  because I have a very celebratory weekend ahead of me. Friday night we’re celebrating the roomies’ bday with a “B- themed” bar crawl. I’ll of course be a Beauty Queen. What do you mean you didn’t guess that first? What else would I be? Hmmph.

On Saturday, two of my favorite people are celebrating their recent engagement. They also broke the news that they are moving to Washington DC in a matter of weeks (wahhhh) so this little party will be somewhat of a yay/nay partay. Wahhh is right.

In the world of Murphy, because let’s not forget the main man. He was bored out of his mind during our time napping and pity-partying at home. He makes a terrible nurse and insists on background music. Think squeaking Wubba …catch my drift?

And because I’m not quite sure how to end this…here are a few photos that make me SMILE 🙂

Murph and I at a work event representing the SPCA.


My new niece, BAILEY!

ImageMy latest artwork
Also known as drinking wine while at a Wieland family dinner.
6-year-olds might know coloring, but I know entertainment!




2 thoughts on “5 in 4

  1. SO glad you’re feeling better <3. And omg, that little pup is too freaking cute… Not as cute as Murphy though ;). Even cuter? Your super fantastic, super professional drawing. Masterpiece!

  2. OK, I don’t know how I’ve never come across your blog before, but I saw a comment of yours on Carly’s post referring to your period as “doomsday”, LOL’ed, and came on over to find cute pups and amazing wine-induced drawings…..I’m hooked. (Oh, and I live in Sacramento too!)

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