Fun Facts Friday

There’s just something about Fridays that make people so darn happy. Is it the anticipation for 2 days off work? I sometimes look forward to the anticipation more than the actual reward. Funny, no?

*I’ll tell you in advance I have no idea where this blog post is headed. I just felt this sense of urgency to update you on my day.

> Walker and I are headed to Tahoe for a co-bachelor/bachelorette party! The couple is good friends of his and new friends of mine. It’ll be my first one and I’m curious to see how this all pans out. I’ve been to a handful of bachelorette parties, and I must say I’m looking forward to a cabin full of fun people who aren’t interested in strippers and penis whistles. Just hand me a mimosa on arrival and lead me to where the Scrabble is set up. Love me some cabin fever. Bring. It. #NanaInTraining

> On the heels of me curled up in sweats and badgering people into playing board games with me (clearly you’re excited to travel with me someday. I don’t blame you!) … I also have to play along with this being a themed party. Saturday night is a Mad Men theme which means that because I work in an animal shelter and wear jeans and kicks to work, I must resort to my secretary/librarian stash of clothing from the waaaay back of the closet.

If you hear of a random blonde wandering the streets of Tahoe, asking for people’s warm clothes and dressed like she just stepped out of a time machine, don’t panic. The meds will kick in. Her boyfriend is somewhere nearby.


> Remember how I told you Murphy hates weekends? Welp, this would be why. “She’s leaving agaaaain!?”
Poor Smerf has to spend the weekend at the big, bad, terrible grandparents house where he gets twice the lovin’ and off-leash walks by the river. Boo hoo. Poor guy can’t help how much he loves me (you would too, just try it!)

> In other random news, Murphy has an outie belly button. And YES dogs have belly buttons! Roomie and I weren’t quite sure, but according to Google (Greek for “everything we say is absolutely 100% fact”) they are born with umbilical cords and therefore have scars. Murphy would appreciate you don’t ask for a photo, he is a classy gentleman after all.

oh murph

err…moving on


> Have a wonderful weekend and let’s try to spread the love a little, shall we?



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