Shamrock’n Recap

You know those comics where they ask you how you’re feeling? Do they have one for SORE?

The days following your first half-marathon are a blur. Luckily I thought ahead and took Monday off work so I could literally sit on the couch all day and relive the race- through the pain my body was punishing me with.images

Totally 100% worth every ounce of pain because it was totally, 100% the coolest thing I’ve ever done.

I won’t bore you with the details but since I have blogged about training for this race I figured I should recap a little bit:

I was swimming with emotions at Sunday’s Shamrock’n Half-Marathon.  I’ve always been a “jogger” but once I crossed that finish line and knew I beat my time, I burst into tears and knew I was officially a “runner.”

Cheesy? Yep. Agreed.

But cheese is what’s on the menu so let’s just go run with it. Eh, eh!

Training for this was all kinds of crazy. Lots of running and trying to limit the crap food intake was good for me, especially since it kept me from worrying about vanity and staying in shape. It was just a natural product of pushing your limit.

I was aiming for a 9 min/mile over the course of 13.1. We were booking it the entire time and stayed ahead of the pace group. I ended up keeping up with Walker until about mile 9 (his 6’4” frame and neon yellow shirt were like a beacon in a sea of people). My hips started acting up and I was getting shooting pains up and down my legs so I had to pull over, stretch and slow it down just a bit. Ended up clocking a 1:58:30 at an average 8:43/mile pace. I was SHOCKED. Seriously. Sub 2-hours?? Say whaaat?


Shield your eyes!

My roomie volunteered to hand out water along the course! Such a fun way to pass mile 11!

My roomie volunteered to hand out water along the course! Such a fun way to pass mile 11!

I’m sort of shocked that after all that training I’m in so much post-run pain BUT considering I pushed myself, I suppose it’s not a surprise.

The downside of Sunday was I had to miss out on the service my family held in Tahoe. They spread Logan’s ashes and said goodbye. I rocked his “Forever in our Hearts” bracelet and honored him with my running bib, but he was on my mind most of the time. Grief is a strange little bugger. Seems to settle in and get comfortable as soon as you open up space for it. The finish line was also home plate at the Rivercats Stadium. Logan loved baseball more than anything. Seemed really fitting wouldn’t you say? I thought so too…


And because this blog is supposed to be about Murphy…I have to add that he was very unhappy to have missed out on such an epic day. He is now punishing me by pulling hard on his leash, forcing me to walk faster than my current 95 year-old nana pace. We’re learning to compromise.

running buddies


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