Monday Lover.

You know who loves Mondays?
this guy

Serious. He’s the only creature I know who hates weekends. Ok, this is partially due to the fact that he gets to go to work with me, but it stems from his inherent drive to constantly do something. Homeboy can’t stop moving.
At work we’re walking, interacting, playing fetch on our lunch break, “playing” with other dogs, and using his cuteness to coerce treats out of co-workers. There is just so much potential for fun to be had!

Home is a different story…


Running errands (bore), cleaning (snooze), training for the half-marathon which require very long runs that he can’t participate in (not. fair.)…not to mention leaving him at home to do human things like *gasp* go to dinner with friends.

But I really can’t pick on him too much. It is likely that I was a Border Collie in my past life, leaving me to think that this neurotic -can’t sit still to save my life -attitude can maybe pass as mildly charming? Maybe? One can hope.

Mini update on the Shamrock Training!
We’ve officially reached the two-week countdown and though my body resembles that of a 90 year-old woman, I think we’re good to go! We clocked 12 miles on Saturday and I’m still tired. So. Tired.
My goal for the 13.1 is around 2-hours. Fingers crossed.

March 17th at 10am will never taste so sweet.

And what have I learned in the process? Whoever said running is cheap is not a good runner.

$120 shoes, $40 Ace knee braces, $60 Compression socks, $40 foam roller and $1.40 EACH for GU (aka heaven in a little squeeze tube) and the result…? A very humbling and expensive PRICELESS experience.

Just hoping to get through this alive.
Happy start of the week to all of you! Any goals/wishes/ambitions for this week?


“My wish is that every day could be Monday.”


2 thoughts on “Monday Lover.

  1. I need Murphy to rub off on me. Mondays are most definitely NOT my fave day of the week. Congrats on your 12-miler girl! That’s seriously impressive!

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