If Murphy Says So

Happy Middle-of-the-Week and Almost-Superbowl- Sunday!

Murphy is stoked.

party time 2

Pssh, Not.

However, this little pup IS!

Emily rocked a Smith jersey on Good Day Sacramento yesterday. She is very sweet, looking for a nice, warm lap to curl up in (despite her size!) and is currently available for adoption at the Sacramento SPCA

Murphy doesn’t get stoked about much. Outside of things that involve him and I being together. And I mean this in the least conceited way possible. I never thought being a dog parent could be so humbling.  No WONDER man claimed them as “Man’s Best Friend” back in the day. I picture the very first generation of two-legged-fools bumbling around on a quest for friends. The birds wouldn’t stay still, the cheetahs were too fast and the elephants wouldn’t sit in your lap. Dogs are perfect and if I could have ten…well, I wouldn’t… I honestly can’t imagine having even two.

People are shocked when they find out I only have one dog. Cut me some slack people! Being a dog mom is serious business. And humbling, as I previously mentioned. Ever tried to walk two dogs at once? It’ll turn you into a bumbling idiot so fast your head will spin. Tack on two leashes, two poop bags and a yuppy blonde on a cell phone and you’ve got yourself a walking circus act.

walking two

They look so sweet don’t they? Don’t let them fool you!

Side note: If I ever have the chance to voice my opinion about East Sacramento- we have GOT to install more garbage bins. I feel bad putting my dogs’ daily devotional in your garbage can. I feel even worse when you peek out the window and see me sneaking onto your property.  Fail.

But one day I’ll get it together! I already warned Walker than I want to two dogs, (two kids), two chickens and want to foster two kittens until they are (ready to be cats) and find their permanent homes. We only have two hands for a reason people.
This is how I envision me wearing the eventual Big Girl Pants. Big house, lots of love and plenty of room to keep the Murphster away from the kids…the chickens…the kittens…and well, the other dog.

I’ll have to get back to you on that one…


2 thoughts on “If Murphy Says So

  1. Hahaha, I love that you sneak Murphy’s poop into other peoples’ trash bins. I’m with you on the two hands thing. That’s how I feel about kids. Two hands, two parents, two kids… Even playing field.

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