A Weekend SLO down

Today I am thankful for long weekends, great friends and the ability to exercise because as we all know, long weekend + great friends= a bonanza of non-stop eating.  I am also thankful for Martin Luther King Jr for being a person so very deserving of a holiday. It’s easy to forget what today means and well… we shouldn’t.

Our weekend began  on Friday, with a morning drive to drop off the Murphster at my parents house’ (poor guy couldn’t come with us to San Luis Obispo, aka SLO). Although it’s a total dog-friendly town, this weekend was about wine tasting, the beach and catching up with college roomies! Walker had never been to SLO, where I spent four of the best years EVER, so we seized the opportunity to show him around and also celebrate Heather’s birthday!

Side note: I must say, if you’ve never visited a college town, you should, but tread softly. I’m not sure if it’s because I called SLO my ‘college home’ for so long and it’s been five-years since I left…but MAN we felt ANCIENT! I wish I got more photos of the weekend but per the usual, I failed on the photo front. However, I had the readers in mind and tried to take a few!

We did a lot of this…



Attempted to soak up every inch of this…



Squeezed in a little of this…



…Not really sure what this is…

photo(6)     photo(5)


And got cutesy with this…


And though Murphy was missed, he had a great time snuggling with the Grandparents. If he ever complains about not having fun, I have witnesses to prove that he does, in fact, snuggle with people other than just me.

And finally, a weekend like this deserved a nice long run for today.  Key word ‘deserves’ because it kicked my butt the entire 7 miles, but  I suppose that’s the consequence of fun, fun, fun. I seriously feel like I managed to sweat out everything we ate and drank this weekend, so that’s a plus at least! Eight-weeks till the Shamrock13.1 – I’m over half-way there!


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