Monday Musings

Happy Monday! If you’re into that sort of thing.

Some thoughts from my very busy weekend!

 I HATE WINTER. Seriously. Sacramento is downright cold, and it doesn’t even compare to REAL cities like Boston or NYC.  And it doesn’t help that our house is also very cold. So you can imagine our surprise when our gas meter froze Saturday night and PG&E took their sweet time to come replace it- Leaving us planted on the couch and watching our breath through eye-peep-holes in the blankets.  Poor dogs clung to our sides to keep everyone warm, which is why they are the superior species. If you haven’t been invited over in awhile, this is why. We live in an igloo and unless you’re dressed for the arctic we are sparing you the torture.  *PS thanks to the roomie for taking one for the team and waiting this one out. I had bridesmaid duties that day and also couldn’t turn down the chance to crank the heat in my car. Yikes!

Weddings are really expensive

How do people afford them? That’s all I have to say about that…

Murphy is NOT a party-animal

Took him to a 49er themed birthday party thinking he would love to hang out with the other dogs and spend the day with everybody. WRONG. Between 4 dogs and 12 rowdy sports fans- this was a nightmare equation for my pampered little prince.  One, he doesn’t care for other dogs. He has accepted the fact that sweet-natured Sadiekins adores him, but he would prefer to have me all to myself. Typical Border Collie. And Two, men yelling, screaming and celebrating is like his own personal hell. You’d think he’d be EXCITED that the 49ers are going to the NFC Championships. No, instead he curled up on the couch in the most stand-off-ish little ball of fur you’ve ever seen. Tough crowd :/

My boys are so cute!

Half-marathon training is going SUPERBly! Nine weeks left and a lot of ground to cover. I promise to keep you updated. I’ve never come close to 13.1 so this is an adventure worthy of blogging about! We completed 6.5 miles along the river on Saturday and Murphy loved every minute of it. Especially the first mile- I have no idea how he manages to mark every blade of grass and still have back up?? Men.
Here is a snapshot of them pacing the last mile together.


I don’t like taking pictures so thank you LifeOffLeash for keeping me accountable to have something other than words in this bloggity-blog.

Have a good rest of the week. Three-day-weekend here we come!


3 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. This freezing cold weather is KILLING ME. Not only am I shivery all the time, but my lips and face are drier than the Gobi. You’re crazy for running in this chilliness.. In a good way, of course. 🙂

  2. Your talk of marathon training and photos from SLO are really encouraging me to get home and get my @$$ in shape! That is, once I get out of [literally freezing] NYC…

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