Musings from Murphy

Oh hi…remember me? The girl who writes and leaves. I’m like, one of those dine & dashers, with no tip…who does that!?

2013 will be the year for blogging! Hoping so anyways. I miss writing, it’s ironic that I’m not more consistent with it.

Thought I’d help lighten things up with some Musings from Murphy, afterall he is the star of the show. He made a couple of New Year’s Resolutions that he’d like to share with help from yours truly:

1. Do what you love…more!

Do What you love

2. See the world


3. Don’t be afraid to get up close and personal


4. Be more productive at work


5. Visit my “Happy Place”


6. Reeeeelax


7. Don’t give away your Superman secret-identity… (oops)


8. When all else fails:
Keep Calm & Love Your Wubba


Wishing you and yours a happy jumpstart into the New Year!


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