Welcome to the Cave

I know…I know. I really need to stop blogging and disappearing for weeks on end. It’s not fair to you. You miss me! I know…I miss you too!

(Seriously though)

A lot has happened since I last blogged about moving to the ‘burbs. Murphy & Sadie are in love and it’s become quite the cozy home!

Things they love most:

The couch they continue to jump up onto it, even though we have rules where you have to be invited. We’re still working out the invitation details.

The dog door which has provided us hours of entertainment to watch Sadie muster up every bone in her body to hurl herself through the door of terror. Murphy meanwhile slips through like a greased up Olympic diver. It’s seriously a hoot.

The new trash can that is not so easily tip-able! Good news considering Murphy has an entirely different view on “breaking the house in.” To him, putting all the yummy garbage in ONE silly little can is just plain stupid!
“Why not spread it all over the house? WHY deprive the carpet of smells that last until the end of time!?”

And finally….the “Cabo Caveman” diet.

We decided to flip our little house into a cave for the 21 countdown until boyfriend and I leave for CABO! What better way to get in shape than cut out everything tasty? I seriously never thought I’d consider a meat packed diet…but whatevs. Three-weeks is like….three-weeks.

Nothing like 2 ladies stock piling the fridge full of MEAT to get the boys runnin’! Pssh….Not. We’re trying to resemble more of the Betty & Wilma-style cave-ladies. I’ll keep you posted…

Here are some observations from DAY 3 of the Cabo Caveman* diet.
* Cabo refers to the fact that minimal amounts of red wine is still OK. After all, I don’t want to shock my system when I touch down in Mexico. Home girl won’t know what to do with herself!

– The reason they call you a “Caveman” is because you’re seriously an angry, hangry, beast of a she-man. Seriously…all you think about is what you ate, what you will eat and how you’ll eat it.

Nothing like a little walking temptation in your yard…
just kidding 🙂

– You’re always tired and thirsty. This is apparently normal for the first few days. Your body is now breaking down fat versus sugar/carbs so it’s on a reboot. Also, your body is used to storing carbs which in turn store water. And let’s face it; Carbs = energy and also amazing. Bread & butter is like the yellow brick road leading to the Promised Land.

– The dogs are going a little bonkers. All this meat and veggies and none for sharing! You can see their little brains mulling over the indecency. They are licking their chops, thinking, “You have opposable thumbs for a reason! Make yourself a damn PB&J and give us the turkey!”

I have scary dreams of waking up with them rioting and picketing around the kitchen with pitchforks screaming “Enough with the kibble! We live in this cave too!!!”

….to be continued!


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