A bowl, a leash and a girl

Hello Blogging World. I’ve missed you!

I apologize for my sudden drop-off. I’ve had a combination of blogging-content-drought AND I’m in the process of packing, moving and unpacking. It’s a bad combination; I don’t recommend.

Moving is the pits. Seriously. All this nonsense about ‘cleansing’ and ‘redecorating’ is a bunch of phooey- I’d rather have the moving fairies come and do it all. In my opinion, that’s what money is for. To pay fairies to do things for you  😀

However…the outcome of a move (in this instance) is an upgrade on life! A HOUSE vs a studio, and a BACKYARD with a DOG DOOR vs a “leash up your dog in the your PJs with your hair in a mess” to let him outside. HOORAY!

Packing got me thinking about how, despite it being terrible, it could be worse. I could have four kids and a lazy husband who all have their fair share of CRAP but are useless in helping. It’s amazing how much stuff we accumulate over time. I’m not a clutter person or a keeper/collector. But I have to admit, Home Girl has a LOT of stuff.

Murphy doesn’t come with much, but he still has his fair share of necessary items. Dog bed, toys, bowls, 40lb bag of food, etc. I looked at him and said “Strap on the donkey cart Murph, it’s time to move.” You should have seen the way he looked at me. I can just feel the judgment.

Why do you have all this crap blondie? Picture frames and candles and a dozen wine glasses? When was the last time you actually USED one?”

**Flashback to a night of packing when I had loaded all the “fine china” in a box, but decided it was time for a glass of vino to keep my spirits up. I may or may not have used a mug to sip from… And Murphy may or may not have decided he loved me all the same. Sheesh! Tough crowd.

But I digress…

Got me thinking. Murphy’s needs are so simple:

A bowl of food, a bowl for water, a leash, a Wubba and me. No crazy matching pillows, no memory box full of pictures. Nothing that keeps him distracted from what he desires most. I envy him a little bit.  And come to think of it…I suddenly feel the need to stop unpacking….throw everything out on the lawn…make up a quick sign saying:


…..Annnnd I’m kidding 🙂


3 thoughts on “A bowl, a leash and a girl

  1. You’re back!

    I’m not a pack rat either, but I still have soo much stuff! It’s insane how quickly crap just accumulates!
    Enjoy your new home (I’m sure Murphy will too). : ).

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