You know you’re a dog parent when…

A friend (and reader) commented recently, on my last blog post, that it didn’t have anything to do with my dog.

“It’s a dog blog right?”

Sheepishly I said “yes” and came up with an excuse about “mixing it up” and “trying something new” and then realized you know what? It IS all about my dog.

The people have spoken. And they want Murphy.

And it made me start thinking… You know you’re a good dog parent when:

– You buy food items that only he/she eats. Such as cottage cheese. While I consider the stuff disgustingly reminiscent of bodily fluids, Murphy refuses to eat dinner without a dollop in his kibble.

– You buy the loudest, most annoying squeak toy because you know they’ll love it. Despite the costs over time adding up, and despite the fact that they say “indestructible” …while he continues to destroy them (very loose term by the way), you continue to buy them. That, or squeak them so loud/often that you are forced into the next room in order to talk on the phone.

– People comment “Aw you’re dog is so cute!” And you reply with “Thanks! I think so too! ” 🙂 With that big, dopey grin on your face. We thank them because we actually contributed to making them so cute? Sure….whatever helps you sleep at night.

– You take them for a walk despite it being 100 degrees, 30 degrees, raining, hailing, or you’re half asleep and in your PJs and the glasses you’ve had since high school.

– You turn down offers for all day events, over-nighters or pretty much anything that extends past the eight-hour mark unless you can bring your dog with you. Us dog folk are an interesting breed, which is why I find myself being more and more drawn to friends that also have little four-legged munchkins.

Reason #75 why having a dog is proof that you are both a crazy person and also en route to becoming a great parent one day.

*Side note: I’ll have it noted that YES the above photo was taken in a professional photography session. HOWEVER, I didn’t purchase and/or reserve the photo shoot for my dog, it just happened to be photo day at the shelter I work at…and Murphy is a very charming boy who found his way in front of the lens 🙂


One thought on “You know you’re a dog parent when…

  1. 2. the things you list that 1. even though you may have a “dog blog” on your hands…doesn’t mean you can’t write about whatever you damn well please. remember that.

    2. the things you list that make you a good dog parent don’t fall too far off from being a good little person parent. I’m laughing at the similarities. You’re going to be such a good little person mama someday!

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