The Most Expensive Socks Ever…

Check these puppies out.

Officially my new BFF: Hot pink CEP Compression stockings, aka my one-way ticket to Nana-Ville. Waaahhh. (Ok I’m being dramatic, they are actually pretty legit).

I’ve been told for years by doctors that I should buy these, due to tight calves, low blood flow in my legs and being prone to varicose veins. Ick. Now that I’m more active, I’m really starting to feel the burn and see the need… and let me tell you…it was INSTANT relief. Aside from the $60 price tag (YIKES!) Seriously though. I wear them running and even to sleep! *Washes in between though I promise 😉  They will most likely bury me in these. Although I really need the 100 degree weather to simmer, that would help.

I have training on the brain lately (aka “Train Brain”), ever since I blogged about dedicating the next 6 months to actually feeling like an athlete when I hit the pavement at upcoming races. And I’m officially doing one on September 29th! Just a 5k… but with the family! Should be a blasty-blast.

PS I made a realization the other day at the gym.

Skinny girls in the gym get scoffed at.
“Psssh why is she even here? If I looked like that I’d lounge around all day in a bathing suit eating chicken wings.”

But fit girls; Now that’s a different story:
That’s why she’s fit. She’s lifting weights… and sweating!”
You see, we don’t pick on the fit girls; after all, they could seriously kick our butts.

And then your slow little brain starts to turn over the realization that the gym isn’t a last-minute, “I think I’ll go for a week and demand instant results” mentality. Staying fit means commitment.  Boo. I want chicken wings.

*Side note: Why are we so mean to each other!? Moments of weakness are one thing. You feel insecure about yourself so you funnel it into gossip or envy. It happens. We’re human.

But if there is one thing that seriously bugs me, it is dealing with someone with a serious sense of Entitlement. Yes, you make more money than me; or yes, you can probably eat that entire plate and still rock your bikini… but guess what?
I have a dog who could take you….and a blog to write about you with (neener-neener-neeeener)!

Happy Friday everybody!


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