Workin’ it

Runner’s World voted Murphy’s breed in the Top 10 list for best dogs to run with. Specifically for trail running, but since I never get the opportunity to run outside of the concrete jungle that is Sacramento, he’s grown pretty used to the pavement. And he LOVES it! Which is AWESOME because I’m officially “training.”

Training for what exactly?

Well, I’ve loved jogging since I was in college- but I’ve always been sort of a “yogger.” Basically you run at the pace where you might actually get a yawn out while you’re busy juggling a dog leash, a dog poop bag an iPod and trying to change the station when the shuffle sucks. Well this does nothing for you if you’re trying to kick your own butt in an upcoming race.

In February I discovered the joys of training for a race. This is partially in thanks to Walker, who is coincidentally a RUNNER (bring on the puns!). When we were merely dating, aka “Hey I just met you…and this is crazy…” we did a 10k together and yes, his stride is twice mine, but I sorta kinda kept up and did my best time ever! Average 8:12 per mile, which is awesome because it was 6.2 miles and I came in 15th in my age group. *Ok the only annoying thing is that at that pace, if I was in the 16- 19 age range, I would have come in 3rd! THIRD people!

Best part is that training actually gives me something to work towards. It gives me incentive to wake up before work and/or exercise (get it?) my willpower to hit the gym when I just don’t wanna. Also, it gives me a reason to care about what I’m putting in my body. Eat for fuel: Sure it will taste good for a whole 30 seconds, but I will then regret it for the 30+ minutes I’m dragging ass on the pavement. Oh, hey genius.

And sure I don’t need 3 months to jump start this little plan, but I know me, and I need to kick these races’ bootays AND I need a little wiggle room considering Cabo, Thanksgiving, my birthday AND Christmas all surround these upcoming races:

November 22nd Thanksgiving Day 10k

December 2nd CIM (California International Marathon) RELAY! YAY! I get to “run a marathon” but in a relay team with friends! Approx 5.8 miles

March 17th Shamrock’n Half Marathon 13.1 miles*

This little list gives me incentive and gives me accountability because all of my many, hundreds of thousands of readers *winky face 😉 will now know to stop me when I go in for a second cupcake.



5 thoughts on “Workin’ it

  1. Love this post! I’m always in awe by runners… I’ve never discovered the joys of running! I can’t wait to hear about your training. Oh, and with all the running you’ll be doing, definitely enjoy that 2nd cupcake : ).

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