Boys will be boys…

Look at what I get to wake up to.
Shameless. Complete disregard for common decency because to him, why be common? And why in the heck be decent?

And the best part is he’s an absolute stud. We’re talking Ladies Man. I’m not quite sure where he gets it from, certainly not his mom, as I’m not into ladies and I’m honestly…not much of a stud. Instead I’m usually found ‘bopping’ around town with a surprisingly loud voice, cracking puns and making friends with people in line.

*And if you know me, you know that I LOVE puns. Walker thinks I’m one “punny girl” and I think he prefers it that way πŸ™‚

But back to Murphy.

He has two female pup-friends in life. Sadie and Maggie. Both of them are spaniel mixes (coincidence?) and think the WORLD of Murphy. The problem is he can’t quite figure out what to do with either of them. Maggie is his dog-friend at work, so his encounters are hit and miss; barred by baby-gates but sprinkled with occasional office lobby playtime. Sadie however is his soon-to-be-roomate/sister-from-another-mister pup friend who he sees daily. Both are always trying to get his attention.

As a typical Border Colllie, he’s not too keen on other dogs. He’s imprinted on me and that’s enough to make his wholeΒ  life whole. Welp. That’s fine and dandy, but watching these girls coo and wag their tails, try to get him to play or nuzzle is just so stinkin’ SAD because he inevitably ignores them and it takes me back to my single days. And why in heavens would I want to do that?!

My boy is a typical, single, attractive male. As his momma should I be teaching him about respect and the importance of finding a nice girl to settle down with and make the cutest puppies in history?
Hmm. Probably not. The old fix-a-roo kind of shut the door on that one. But let’s expand this to human babies. Hypothetical, human babies.

I joke to my friends that I know nothing about men. Even despite having found myself a keeper, I know that until the end of time I will continue to wonder how men tick. So the idea of growing one inside of me is kind of terrifying…and yet, empowering. They start out so innocent. So malleable. All of those studs, jerks, wack-a-doos and well, losers, all started out the same way. Proof that everybody is somebody‘s baby. Let’s get it together people! The future generation is putty, let’s mold it to be something we can be proud of.

*Poor Murphy had to be my blogging example. He’s a real love bug when he wants to be πŸ™‚


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