Must Love Dogs

“A dog is the only thing on earth that will love you more than you love yourself.”
~ Josh Billings

Sometimes I think that if Murphy could talk he would have a nasal voice with thick rimmed glasses and refer to me as “Mother.” Do you think? Oh how I love him.
No one wakes up in the morning with as much vibrato as a dog. They would undoubtedly sing that annoying “Good Mornin’!” song from Singin’ in the Rain if they could. Sometimes we wish they could talk, but then you sort of think about how well they know you and you tend to think otherwise… think about it…

Here are my top reasons why having a dog makes you a better person:

(This includes people who want dogs, but don’t currently have them because they recognize that it’s not the right time in their life. After all, dogs deserve the best life possible, just like us!)

1. Cleaning up another species’ poo and carrying it around is very humbling.

2. Cleaning up after anything your dog does is humbling; Be it furballs, muddy paw prints or the occasional garbage-dive when they’ve panicked and thought you were never, ever, ever coming home. Ever.

3. Learning how to communicate. They only understand a handful of words and intonations. Telling them how much they bother you earns you a lick. Telling them how you love them earns you a lick. Currency is a fair trade my friend.

4. Getting up off your feet to walk multiple times a day keeps you fit and makes you happier in the grand scheme. Unless of course it’s raining/freezing/scorching…then it’s just frustrating, aka humbling; Reference bullets #1 and #2.

5. Dogs are a great preparation for future kiddos. Murphy likes to graze when he eats. This means that if I need him to eat before a long road trip, I have to spice up breakfast with eggs or other tasty morsels. Is it possible that he might be catching onto this…?

6. They don’t care what your day is like; another prep for children. I could be having a horrible day, and Murphy still needs a walk, food, someone to throw his Wubba and he doesn’t really give a crap if I’m up for it or not. This in turn takes the focus off of my inability to function when I’m feeling crabby, and instead go through the motions of the day until it is bedtime, because the option to curl up into a fetal ball…well…isn’t an option.

So what have we learned here? Anything that is gross, annoying or time-consuming is in fact humbling.

Dogs are here to teach us that life doesn’t stop when you leave the room.  Nope. It follows you into the next one. And sits at your feet. And brings the Wubba.  Sigh.


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