If Murphy Says So

Murphy likes to do this adorable manuever I refer to as ‘The Superman.’ Sometimes I shout out “Rigamortis!” Unfortunately I have invested about .01 seconds in training him, so he hasn’t caught on. BUT when he DOES do it, and I (at the same time) TELL him to do it… it feels like I’m in charge. Catch my drift?

Pet me! You know you want to

Since he’s a rescue dog, formerly known as ‘Lil Dude,’ Murphy gets away with a lot. I figure that in his past life (the first 5 years, before I had him) he was locked in a dungeon and an evil dragon held him captive. I wish I could say this is a completely crazy idea. Hard to say when you hear countless stories of inhumanity and people being heartless idiots. I don’t think it’s fair to still be called a HUMAN if you’re completely INHUMANE. It’s not a FRUIT SALAD if there isn’t any FRUIT.
Who’s with me?

Working at an animal shelter, your work becomes a part of you. When you see a puppy having to go into foster care because they were so badly neglected they developed Demodectic Mange – you tend to build up a little callous at the site of inhumanity.

I’ve heard it said that:
If your dog doesn’t like certain people, maybe you shouldn’t either.”

Jenner by the Sea (July 2012)

Murphy has a few weird quirks, one of them being big crowds and tall men. Poor Walker and his 6’4” stature. Previously referred to as my “wonderfully goofy boyfriend” in my first post, Walker has put up with a lot in the getting-the-girls’-dog-to-like-you department.  Thankfully, after all the heel nips, hugging interceptions and body checks, Walker passed with flying colors for two reasons:

  1. He let Murphy know who’s boss, (while also respecting that the fact that a paranoid Border Collie is naturally going to be territorial)
  2. He gave the situation a lot of time and patience

I have a handful of friends with dogs and we all agree: NEVER trust a man who doesn’t like animals. Guys, you don’t have to be a dog lover (although you should, it’ll make you live longer), but you sure as hell have to respect that that four-legged fluff ball makes that girl’s heart-go-round…and that if you can’t handle a pup, you better buckle down once she has a baby! Muahahaha!

Engagement par-tay for Heather & Jeff! Here we go 2013!


2 thoughts on “If Murphy Says So

  1. Great post, Juj. My girl Ziggy is a rescue as well and she’s always been squeamish, especially towards men–men in hats, tall men, dark men, men in sunglasses, the gardener, etc…I wholeheartedly agree with you about trusting your dog’s instinct and have had to remind myself of this fairly recently. We’re #1 to our dogs, and vice versa. ‘s a really great thing she’s so fond of a certain new fella who’s been hangin’ around lately. And he seems to be pretty fond of her too. 🙂

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